OnePlus 3T: Get it over the OnePlus 5 (Review)

If you have never heard of OnePlus, it is a relatively new phone company, which set out to deliver class-leading smartphones at affordable prices. Their latest one is called OnePlus Five. Unfortunately, it seems like it falls short on both “flagship features” and value for money. It has huge bezels, which isn’t very 2017, and […]

WWDC 2017: All the stuff Apple announced

The WWDC is Apple’s annual developers conference. Usually, it is focused on software, but 2017 was different, with plenty of new devices getting announced, albeit some will be available later in the year. The event took place in San Jose on Monday, so after having a bit of time to digest the news, here is […]

Google Pixel: The Perfect Flagship, One Year Late

Google has the Nexus program, to show how manufacturers should use Android. Well, not anymore. There is something new, with a similar, albeit slightly extended intention. The “Pixel” phones. Very simply called Pixel and Pixel XL, for the 5″ and 5.5″ versions respectively. However, these are supposedly not only “guides” for manufacturers and devices running […]